Holy week

Upon arriving to Andalusia in Holy Week, the best thing is to let your senses seduce you: breathe in the subtle aroma that impregnates the environment, a mixture of incense and orange blossom; feel the emotion of a heartfelt saeta (religious flamenco song) and listen to the silence of a devout crowd…

Over these seven days, Andalusia is transformed as the local people go out to celebrate Holy Week. You will discover images of great artistic worth, paraded through the streets under the warm light of candles, the colour of the Nazarenes’ tunics and the music of bands with drums and trumpets. All this combined with the mixture of incense and orange blossom aroma brings out the magic and awakens a feeling of privilege in all those in attendance.

To feel the emotion of the traditional, crowded "madrugáSeville; live the passion with the Málaga, "El Cautivo”; follow in the footsteps of the Cristo de los Gitanos (Gipsy Christ) Sacromonte neighbourhood in Granada; witness the solemnity of Good Friday with the "Santo Encierro” in Huelva; see the "El Abuelo” procession head out in the early hours of Good Friday from the cathedral in Jaén; feel the passion and commitment of the Easter brotherhoods in Cádiz; explore the streets of Córdoba amidst silence, the sound of a saeta (religious flamenco song), the sound of the bells of the capataz (procession leader)... and bear witness to the coming together of the brotherhoods in Almería... Are you going to miss all this?

This Holy Week, Get emotional with Andalusia and share your excitement

Share your excitement

During Holy Week many of us go on a trip or simply enjoy Holy Week in our city.

As we can't tell you the thousand ways to enjoy Andalusia's Holy Week, may we suggest that you be the one to share his or her excitement.

Upload your photos of Holy Week to Instagram, with hashtag #SemanaSantaenAndalucia, and you will see it immediately on this page so that no-one misses a single place in Andalusia where Easter can be experienced.

  • Take a photo where an interesting aspect of our Holy Week appears. 
  • Upload it to Instagram with hashtag #SemanaSantaenAndalucia and the place where you are (for example #Ubeda)

Don't think twice... begin to share your Holy Week excitement with the entire world.

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