Andalusia by Bike

We invite you to explore the eight Andalusian provinces and their vast swathes of protected natural heritage. 

Andalusia is a cyclotourist's paradise, whether for taking short rides through protected areas or visiting heritage cities using comfortable bike lanes. 

It's also ideal for doing longer routes that demand training and effort. The climate, privileged natural environment and network of connections make it the ideal place to enjoy this form of travel and discovery.

Cycle tourism is one of the most rewarding activities you can do because it combines sport, tourism and contact with nature. The paths seem designed to be explored by bike at just the right speed and pace: not too slow that you never get anywhere, and not too fast that you can't take in the scenery and the sounds and lights around you.

Get ready to start pedalling.

Long routes

Andalusia offers several long-distance bicycle routes where each day takes you to a new destination.


Old railway tracks make ideal routes to discover nature and the cultural heritage by bike.

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