Andévalo y Parque Minero

Andévalo y Parque Minero
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This region has surprisingly varied scenery: the pastures dotted with holm oaks and cork oaks, deforested areas, and the open-face mines with their streaks of ochre, orange, yellow and black making a remarkable natural museum of mining archaeology.

The highlight of the local gastronomy is the pata negra ham, as well as game meats such as wild boar, partridge and rabbit, and the delicious wild gurumelo mushrooms which grow throughout the region.

This is a land of frontiers, a crossroads between cultures and civilizations since time immemorial, as demonstrated by the funeral monuments scattered around the region. But it is also the cradle of the fandango and of various traditional dances.

Among the locations to be visited are the Minas de Riotinto, with the Riotinto Mining Park, Alosno, Nerva, Puebla de Guzmán, Valverde del Camino and Zalamea la Real.

Discover all the beauty of the towns in the Andévalo y Parque Minero region.

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Population Cores

Almendro, El
Cabezas Rubias
Campillo, El
Cerro de Andévalo, El
Granada de Río-Tinto, La
Granado, El
Minas de Riotinto
Puebla de Guzmán
San Bartolomé de la Torre
San Silvestre de Guzmán
Sanlúcar de Guadiana
Santa Bárbara de Casa
Valverde del Camino
Villanueva de las Cruces
Villanueva de los Castillejos
Zalamea la Real

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