Astrotourism - Star Tourism

Stars, Constellations and Planetas give beautiful images of the skies of Andalusia, which have exceptional conditions to view this world, which despite being so far away, appears we do our hands.

The spectacle of the setting sun and nightfall gives way to thousands or millions of twinkling stars which will take you back to another time, or rather, to another planet.

When night falls, find a hideway that really shows the darkness of the night, suchas , for example, Starlight Bookings and Destinations of Andalusia.

For more detailed stargazing, the Astronomical Observatories provide visitors with the conditions, equipment and information to investigate the cosmos, or simply enjoy the sky of Andalusia.

Even you don't recognise the stars or you does not know the names of the constellations, star gazing is a different kind of activity, which will be engraved in your memory.

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