Glossary of related terms - A


'Malagueña' guitar playing executed to the rhythmic theme of the 'fandango'. Its tonality is modal and is usually realised 'por arriba' (E/F). Its etymology has two possible aspects, one being the possible accompaniment of this song with a mandolin, and the other the proliferation of banditry in the mountain ranges of Ronda and Córdoba where the "abandolaos" style is indigenous.


Type of wood that is used in making the harmonic lid of guitars, this part needs to be made of a material that provides a high level of vibrations.


Name of the guitarists from the eastern part of Andalucía that execute the tremolo badly and instead of five notes, the player is only capable of playing three. In the west known as 'caballito'.


Musical note with a rhythm which is executed with more force. With this method it is even possible to differentiate two types or styles of song submitted to exactly the same tempos, as in the case of the 'fandango' and 'soleá'.


The work of a guitarist in following the song or dance. Normally a good accompaniment guitarist should know both aspects of flamenco well aswell as the singer or the dancer who they accompany at that moment, since it is almost a law of customs that after a the third part the singer needs a melodic variation played by the guitarist 'falseta de desahogo' in which to pause and that the dancer doesn't need phrases of more than three rhythms.

a compás

Song or dance that is performed faithfully following the rhythm or cadence of the corresponding style.


A conjunction of musical notes executed in harmony, producing a sound similar to another musical note. In the flamenco guitar the basic chords are A, G, F and E, although from these notes an extensive range of others are generated by means of the exercise of transport. The majority of guitarists also call the 'acorde', 'postura'.


An enthusiast of the art of flamenco. Also an performer of any of its aspects who doesn't practice as a professional.


Rough husky voice, rasp and rough, that recieves this name due to the famous singer El Fillo having the same type of voice.


An electronic apparatus that measures with precision the tuning of each of the guitar strings. Although it saves a lot of work, many guitarists find it inconvenient since its precision makes the strings rub in the same place and break sooner.


Operation of tensing the strings so that each of them acquires the sound that it should have. The guitar should be tuned every time that it is used. Especially on rainy days since the humidity makes the wood move and slackens the strings. When the strings are replaced by new ones, the best way for them to be tuned is by pulling them hard on the 12th fret and then tightening them again with the tuning peg.


Label which applies to songs and dances from andaluz folklore and other musical styles that are performed with the flamenco intonations and rhythm.


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