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Una delicia compartir estas cosas con nosotros, la gastronomía andaluza esta llena de muchos sabores y de unos platos de vanguardia excelente, con unos grandes productos que hay por esa zona.

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Trabajo para una importante empresa proveedora de productos Andaluces a la comunidad de Madrid, entre ellos el aceite de oliva. Es impresionante como esa tierra tiene algo especial que se diferencia del resto de comunidades, y cuando hablo de la tierra hablo del terreno en sí.

Es normal que la dieta Andaluza sea una de las mejores de España, e incluso del mundo (por mucho que le pese a muchos), ya no es la forma de cocinar en sí, es la calidad de la materia prima de la que disponen, tienen un género impresionante y de todo tipo.

El pescado, las carnes, frutas, verduras, etc... todo con un sabor y una calidad especial.

No es de extrañar que muchos de los mejores restaurantes de aquí de Madrid opten por disponer de productos andaluces para la elaboración de sus platos.

De verdad, Andaluces, levantaos porque vuestra tierra es incomparable.

  1. 4.2/5 food
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Eating well in Andalusia is easy. The excellent local products that come from its diverse geography and climate, together with the historic legacy left by the villages of the land have created a very varied, rich and incomparable gastronomy.. Andalusian traditional cooking has a wide culinary range native to the land. And its dishes, passed down from generation to generation are highly appreciated by the most demanding palates.

The typical "grandma's cooking", based in the healthy Mediterranean diet, takes the flavours and aromas from the land, sea and mountains, which are then drizzled with local olive oil and served with a wonderful Andalusian wine.

Andalusia has a living cuisine, offering pleasant and delicious surprises. This selection of recipes serves as an example, with stews, casseroles and fish from way back, and culminating in the irresistible conventual desserts.

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Wild asparagus and garlic with egg

    Ingredients for 4 people800 / 1 kg of wild asparagus.4 eggs.1 teaspoon of cumin.2/3 garlic cloves.1 onion.4 slices of fried bread.1 litre...

Ajoblanco White Garlic Gazpacho

  • Municipality: Málaga
  • Province: Málaga
  • Serves 6 people• 500 g breadcrumbs• 100 g peeled almonds• 3 garlic cloves• 1 kg Malaga grapes• 1/2 c wine vinegar• 1 c olive oil ...

White Garlic Gazpacho

  • Municipality: Granada
  • Province: Granada
  • Ingredients (serves 6 people)- 200 g bean flour.- 1.2 kg potatoes.- 2 garlic cloves.- 1/2 c wine vinegar.- Olive oil.- Rock salt.Preparat...



  • Municipality: Corteconcepción
  • Province: Huelva
  • Ingredientes:1 kilo de patatas1 kilo de sardinasUn migajón de pan asentado2 dientes de ajo1 tomate1 pimiento rojo1 hoja de laurel, comino...


  • Municipality: Carmona
  • Province: Sevilla
  • Ingredients:- 4 aubergines - 1/2 kg pumpkin - 1 small courgette - 1/2 kg tomatoes - 1 large onion 3 cloves of garlic - 1 ...

Stuffed artichokes and onions

  • Municipality: Huelva
  • Province: Huelva
  • Serves 6 people6 medium artichokes6 small onions1 kg broad beans1 kg Palermo peas2 green onionsStuffing: 300 g minced meat, 150 g pork fa...


  • Municipality: Estepa
  • Province: Sevilla
  • Ingredients- 2 kg honey.- 1 kg bread, toasted and ground into crumbs.- 3/4 kg flour.- 1/2 kg ground almonds.- Ground cinnamon.- Lemon pee...

Candied almonds

    Ingredients:- 200 g largueta almond, toasted with skin- 250 g sugar- 250 g waterPreparationIn a pan add the water, sugar and almonds over...

Andrajo with salted cod

  • Municipality: Cazorla
  • Province: Jaén
  • Ingredients:250 g of salted cod (desalt in water one day before)400 g of flour3 garlic cloves (minced)1 tablespoon of paprika3 tomatoes (...

Andrajo cakes with hare

  • Municipality: Jaén
  • Province: Jaén
  • Serves 6 people• 1/4 kg flour• 1 large tomato• 1 green pepper• 4 garlic cloves• 1 medium onion• 1 hare• Cumin and paprika and a ...

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