Alcalá del Río

Alcalá del Río
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Municipality located in the Guadalquivir valley, in the midst of fertile farmlands near Sierra Morena. The Guadalquivir river has marked its history and development since antiquity.

It has always played an important role in the area, due to its location and resources.

It has some interesting monuments, such the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and the Chapel of San Gregorio.


Archaeological remains indicate that there have been settlements in the area since the end of the Bronze Age.

The Romans called it Ilipa Magna, and it was cited by Strabo. It must have been an important city, since it was entitled to coin its own currency.

The Arabs called it Al Kalat-Criad-Al-Kibir.

It was finally conquered by Ferdinand III when Axatal decided to abandon it.

As a result of a royal privilege granted in recompense for its defence of the river and the port of Seville, it has the same coat of arms as the city of Seville.

Eminent citizens
Manuel García Reverte, bullfighter.
Antonio Reverte Jiménez, bullfighter.

Alcalá del Río
Alcalá del Río
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Alcalá del Río
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