Alcalá del Valle

Alcalá del Valle
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The municipal area of open countryside, ranging from undulating to flat, where cereals and olives are grown. In the northern and eastern parts, there are still a few holm and gall oaks.

The village dates back to Moorish times and its layout, of typical design, is centred around Saint Mary's Church, which, along with the remains of Caño Santo Monastery, is its most noteworthy monument.


A set of dolmens in La Dehesa del Tomillo shows that this area was inhabited in the Prehistoric era. Its known history began in 1488, when the Catholic Monarchs allowed 25 Muslims to settle here with their families; they came from Setenil, so they called this place Alcalá de Setenil.

Throughout its history it has been given various names, such as Alcala de Ronda, Alcala de la Vega and, finally, its present-day denomination.

In 1770, the inhabitants of the village purchased the right to its jurisdiction.

Alcalá del Valle
Alcalá del Valle
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Alcalá del Valle
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