Arte Rupestre del Arco Mediterráneo Español

Arte Rupestre del Arco Mediterráneo Español
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In Aldeaquemada there are prehistoric schematic and Levantine-style paintings, scattered over crags and rock shelters. These sites are unique because of their themes, and are the most important in Andalusia. They can be considered invaluable open-air museums.

These prehistoric paintings, mainly on rock shelters, were studied at the beginning of the 20th century by Abate Brehuil and M. Cabré, who catalogued most of the paintings in the area.

They have been declared of Cultural Interest and in 1998 the UNESCO declared Levantine-style Prehistoric Painting in the Spanish Mediterranean Basin a World Heritage Site, including the 19 sites in Aldeaquemada.

The most representative rock shelters are Tabla de Pochico, La Cimbarra Ledges, Cimbarrillo del Prado de Reches, Mina Cave, La Hoz Gorge, Prado del Azogue and Los Arcos Cave, amongst others.

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Arte Rupestre del Arco Mediterráneo Español
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