Almadén de la Plata

Almadén de la Plata
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Municipality located in the northwestern part of the provnice, near the border with the province of Huelva, in the common area of highlands.

The municipal area is included in Sierra Norte Natural Park, in the mountain area of mid-sized mountains with vast pastures interspersed with forests of holm oaks, cork oaks, fall oaks, chestnuts, pine trees and elms, and with river forests. This vegetation constitutes an ideal habitat for many species, including otters, wildcats, wild boars, deer, fallow deer and moufflons. The area is also excellent for raising livestock.

Monuments such as the church of Santa Marí­a de Gracia, the Museum-Necropolis of the Bonze Age "La Traviesa" and the remains of the ramparts of the mudejar castle are elements which contribute tot heintereset of this pretty village and its surroundings.


There have been human settlements in the area since prehistoric times. The oldest archaeological remains discovered at the site of Los Covachos date back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic. The existence of quarries and mines in the area attracted people to the area. Its name comes from the Arab word Al Medin Balat, which means Las Minas de la Calzada.

The town was cited by Ptolomy as Iluria. Important Roman remains have been found in the area, indicating that it must have been an important urban centre which was entitled to coining its own currency.

During the period of al Andalus it became very important due to its silver and copper deposits and marble quarry.

It was conquered by the noblemen of the Order of Santiago at the time of the Christian reconquest. Ferdinand III granted it a town charter and the privilege of having its own coat of arms. The Catholic Kings gave it the title of Loyal in recompense for the support of the town during the conquest of Granada.

During the War of Independence it played an important role in the battle of Bailén.

Eminent citizens

José Antonio Infantes Florido, bishop of Córdoba.

Almadén de la Plata
Almadén de la Plata
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Almadén de la Plata
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