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The village is situated in the south of the province, in the Subbetica region. Its municipal area is a veritable sea of olive trees growing on the rugged terrain that is typical of the Subbetica Sierras. The Sierra de Albayate is a source of abundant water and places of scenic interest such as La Cola de Caballo, near the hamlet of Fuente Grande.

Sheltered by the Cerro de la Cruz hill, the village is a picturesque collection of houses built along the bed of a stream in narrow, winding streets with a wealth of attractive nooks. The Clock Tower is the most noteworthy building.

Near the village stands El Ruedo, an archaeological site of immense importance.


In 1867, during excavations carried out by Don Luis Maraver y Alfonso, over two hundred graves, items of pottery and other objects were discovered. Pierre Paris and Arthur Engel later unearthed prehistoric, Phoenician and Greek relics.

The prehistoric settlement was located at Los Castillejos but later moved to the foothills of Cerro de la Cruz hill, where remains of a Mycenaean village were found. The Romans settled in the valley on a site later inhabited by the Moslems.

In 997 the great Moslem leader Almanzor fortified the village, which was controlled by the Arabs until August 1236, when it was conquered by Ferdinand III. Completely abandoned after the conquest, Almedinilla was awarded great privileges and commended for its loyalty by the king, and in 1241 it was incorporated into the Royal Charter of Cordoba.

These privileges were maintained by the Catholic Monarchs.

During the War of Succession, the village supported Philip V, who conferred upon Almedinilla further honours and commendations for its loyalty in 1717.

Almedinilla was a dependency of Priego de Cordoba council until 1844 when, along with Fuente Tojar, it was granted its own municipal status and local council.

Before becoming a village in its own right, it was a dependent parish of Alcala Real Abbey in the province of Jaen.

Eminent citizens

Gregorio Abril, a 19th-century senator.

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