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Almería gets ready to host the Sun&Blue Congress, an international event on sustainable tourism.

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From 15 to 17 November, the destination 'Costa de Almería' will become the global epicentre of the Blue Economy applied to tourism. This event, which will take place at the impressive Cabo de Gata-City of Almería Exhibition and Conference Centre, will bring together experts from all over the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the blue economy for the tourism industry.

Promoted by beon.Worldwide and supported by the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Almería City Council, the Provincial Council of Almería and the Andalusian Ministry of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy, the congress has been organised in response to the global challenges we face in the search for a more sustainable world.

Tourism plays a key role in the blue economy as it covers activities carried out on the coast, seas, rivers and lakes. The event will also highlight the innovative business strategies and public policies that are transforming the way we do business and develop cities and tourist destinations in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For three days, professionals from the tourism industry and the scientific community will discuss the conservation of the seabed and natural resources. They will also share strategies and success stories and build key relationships for encouraging innovation and sustainability in blue tourism.

Sun&Blue Congress chose Almería as the destination due to the diversity of its tourist attractions, favourable climate, spectacular natural spaces, and 200-kilometre coast. The region is also ideal for research into renewable and sustainable energies.