Easter Week in Álora

Easter Week in Álora
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Easter Week in Álora is home to one of the great moments in the Province of Malaga's Easter celebrations, and visitors simply can't miss it: 'La Despedía', which has been classified as a Festival of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia. During the morning of Good Friday, Jesús Nazareno and the Virgen de los Dolores meet in the square that bears the same name and the carriers of each throne kneel several times in unison. Public attendance is huge: thousands of spectators spill out onto the streets to give this religious display a unique and spectacular tone.

Another great event takes place the night before, Maundy Thursday The Señor de las Torres and Cristo de los Estudiantes begin their routes and leave the Castle. Upon reaching Plaza Baja, the Virgin de los Dolores and San Juan head out. Over the course of this week the following events take place:

Palm Sunday: In the morning 'Nuestro Padre Jesús en su entrada a Jerusalén y María Santísima del Amparo Auxiliadora' heads out.
In the afternoon/evening, it is the turn of 'Jesús Orando en el Huerto' to leave El Calvario Shrine. It is kept at the Veracruz.

Holy Tuesday: Transfer of 'Cristo de los Estudiantes' from Encarnación Church to El Nazareno Chapel.

Holy Wednesday: 'Via Crucis'. Exit from Veracruz Church.

Maundy Thursday: Processions of 'Cristo de los Estudiantes', 'Jesús Nazareno de las Torres', 'San Juan' and the 'Virgen de los Dolores'.

Easter Friday: The 'Despedía' at midday on Friday. In the afternoon, the 'Nuestra Señora de la Piedad' procession, starting at Veracruz Church. 'María Santísima de las Ánimas', 'Santo Entierro' and 'Soledad' also take to the streets.

Easter Sunday: Morning procession of 'Santísimo Cristo Resucitado'.

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Easter Week in Álora
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