Pinar del Hacho

Pinar del Hacho
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Pinar del Hacho Peri-urban Park is close to the town of Antequera and has stunning landscapes with splendid views of the plain below with its fertile agricultural land, irrigated by the Guadalhorce River.

No less spectacular are the views of Antequera from the Peri-urban Park. This city is home to numerous archaeological remains and beautiful examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. In the Peri-urban Park itself there are archaeological remains that add to the area's marked historic-artistic character, such as the important sites at Torre del Hacho and Arquillo de los Porqueros.

It is covered by a dense forest of stone pine from re-planting projects carried out some 40 years ago. They are accompanied by other species such as rosemary and mastic, as well as scrub which is vitally important as shelter for different animals. Here, under the shade of the trees, in the company of local fauna, especially the varied range of bird species, visitors can enjoy their leisure time in these pleasant surroundings. It is also close to Málaga province's biggest monument site, the town of Antequera.

Another reason to visit Pinar del Hacho is a livestock trail, Cordel de Antequera to Málaga, which runs through the Park and is ideal to access this area for other compatible uses such as sporting and recreational activities, as well as environmental education. Nevertheless, its use for livestock is still a priority.

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