Arabic Baths

Arabic Baths
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The Moors left their legacy so that you can now enjoy water as a divine gift, and reach the deep wisdom and purity their culture valued so highly.

"Hammams" or Moorish Baths were public buildings divided into various rooms: entrance hall, cold room, warm room and hot room.

Nowadays these same rooms can be found, and sometimes they have additional areas such as a massage room and tea room.

You will discover unique, new sensations. You will be soothed by relaxing music; perfumes and aromas will carry you back to bygone times; the mosaics, light and décor will captivate you; the sensual touch of massage and especially the Moorish baths' essential element, water at different temperatures, will activate the blood flow throughout your body.

There is no excuse not to surrender to a real pleasure that will remove your tensions.