Plaza Ochavada

Plaza Ochavada
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One of the jewels of 18th century Andalusian architecture, the Plaza Ochavada in Archidona is a blend of French town planning and the Mudéjar tradition, which has resulted in one of the most beautiful public squares in Spain. In 2007 it received popular recognition as the “First Wonder of the Province of Málaga”.

It was built in 1786 by the local master builders Antonio González Sevillano and Francisco Frías Astorga, whose idea it was to build such an original structure as an octagonal square which gave its name to the Square. It is monumental, looks like a film set and is visually attractive. The interior of this great work of town planning combines the red-brick harmony of its façades, in contrast with the white of the limestone, the orderly and clear rhythm of its structure, the restrained architectural decoration in the classical style, with an undeniably popular feel, which is expressed by the combination of classical design with the popular language of the Andalusian patio.

But this is not a square that you see from the outside, you really need to be there, there are no external façades, it is an immense enclosed patio, within the traditional Islamic concept of leaving the exterior façades bare and reserving all the charm for the interior. Even though the eight façades are all different, they form a single complex, so if you in stand in the centre of La Plaza, nothing makes you think there is anything irregular.

Apart from the town planning implications, the project had clear social connotations, when it was used to employ the numerous people without work (which there were even then) and to eliminate insalubrity in an area called the “dunghill of San Roque”.

The rooms that occupy the main façade, the highest and noblest in the square, were designed from the very outset to house a new "Town Hall“, replacing the old one which was in danger of collapsing. Currently, after being used in the 20th century as a state school and secondary school, has recovered its former function and is now once again the site of the Town Hall of Archidona.

Throughout its history the Plaza Ochavada has been the scene of a number of different activities relating to commerce and merchandise and it has been the stage for a wide variety of shows: musicals, bullfighting, literary, etc. Nowadays it is a meeting place, as well as being the venue for numerous events relating to the festive and cultural cycle of Archidona (Easter, Dog Show, Bullfights, Zambra Morisca, etc.), an ideal place for leisure and relaxation.

Free admission.

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Plaza Ochavada
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