Sierra de Gracia

Sierra de Gracia
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The Sierra de Gracia Peri-urban Park offers stunning views of Archidona. It is set at the foot of the peak that shares its name. It is also close to the famous Peña de los Enamorados in Antequera, a spectacular rocky peak that rises up out of the landscape of the plain.

The vegetation in this peri-urban park comprises broad areas of scrub with rockrose, kermes oak, gorse, thyme and rosemary, along with the odd area of holm oak and rupiculous vegetation on the steepest parts. The predominant tree here, nevertheless, is re-planted pine. Typical species related to forest and scrubland environments can be found alongside others more suited to rocky outcrops that they use to nest or shelter.

This area is home to the remains of old Archidona Castle, which has the Cultural Property designation, as well as the medieval defensive wall. Special mention should also be made of the shrine in honour of the Virgen de Gracia. Here you can still see the columns that once belonged to a mosque.

The recreational and leisure options in the Peri-urban Park focus on hiking, bird watching, cycle-touring, environmental education, or simply enjoying some time in the country with family and friends - This park offers direct access to the countryside from the town of Archidona.

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