Sierra Morena Starlight Reserve

Andalusia is paradise for those who love astrotourism, where the clearest and most starry skies await you in Sierra Morena.

Andalusia is ideal for observing the sky at night: the best weather, clear, transparent skies and no light pollution. It is also the area in Europe closest to the equator, so you can observe a greater extension of the universe, which means that many celestial bodies are only visible from Andalusia. 

Sierra Morena is the largest Starlight Reserve and Tourist Destination in the world, it is ideal for observing the sky in the best conditions and it extends for more than 400 kilometres along the north of the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba, Seville and Huelva, 57 municipalities with more than 400 thousand hectares including six nature reserves: Despeñaperros Nature Reserve Sierra de Andújar Nature Reserve, Cardeña y Montoro Nature Reserve Sierra de Hornachuelos Nature Reserve, Sierra Norte de Sevillla Nature Reserve, and the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Nature Reserve.

The Certification of Sierra Morena as a Starlight Reserve and Destination, awarded by the Starlight Foundation and endorsed by UNESCO, guarantees that there is hardly any light pollution, more than 60% of the nights are clear and the darkness of the night sky is equal to that of many professional international observatories. It also means there is an institutional commitment to conserve its extraordinary biodiversity and guarantees visitors comprehensive services for them to be able to enjoy the night sky and the natural environment in this reserve.

Sierra Morena has high-quality tourist infrastructure to welcome those who come to enjoy astronomy, and there is excellent value for money. In the Andalusian reserve there is a comprehensive network of lookout points that are strategically located and well maintained, where you can enjoy the indescribable brightness of the stars in the firmament, astronomical information activities and specialised services, all meeting the most demanding standards of quality and comfort. To all this we should add the renowned cultural, ethnographic and heritage attractions within a very accessible natural landscape of extraordinary visual appeal, making Sierra Morena a benchmark destination for star tourism.