Bollullos de la Mitación

Bollullos de la Mitación
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Village belonging to the Aljarafe and located in the midst of fertile farm lands used to cultivate olive trees.

It has some interesting monuments such as the church of San Martí­n de Tours and the Hermitage of Cuatrovitas, interesting building which has a notable minaret which dates back to the almohad period.


The excavations of Roman villas discovered in the AREA origins indicate that the origins of the village date back to Roman times.

During the period of Al-Andalus it became quite important and the first historic records are from that time. It was called Bollullas, which means little tower, and Boro Bolullos. The Hermitage of Cuatrovitas, which dates back to that period, is a former 12th century almohad mosque used as the religious centre of four villas. At present it is considered a National Monument.

Eminent citizens
Guillermo Vargas Ruiz, painter.

Bollullos de la Mitación
Bollullos de la Mitación
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Bollullos de la Mitación
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