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This event is organized by El Molino Club and dates back to 1986. It is the happier gastronomic event of the Carnival, together with the Erizada and the Pestiñada.

The Ostionada is a massive event when to eat ostiones is just the excuse to meet, go outside and listen the first guitars, bandurrias and cajas. There's something for everyone and it is also free. The free tasting of these delicacies is accompanied by the first bars, often recalling songs from previous years, to build the new songs during the Carnival.

San Antonio, one of the widest squares in the city, is filled with locals and visitors looking for the warm rays of sunshine in February while listening to the first bars and ballads. The hero of this event is the scallop.

The ostión is a shellfish like an oyster but with a more intense flavor and, in addition to the erizo, is the fruit of the sea typical of the city of Cadiz. It is consumed raw with a few drops of lemon. After a long queue for this gastronomy delicacy of Cadiz, which is accompanied by beer, fine wine, muscat or chamomile, the public listen to the songs and enjoy the atmosphere.

The festival begins on the noon, when it began to distribute 700 kilos of ostiones, and may be extended throughout the afternoon.

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Plaza de San Antonio, s/n, 11001

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