Patios Artesanos

Patios Artesanos
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Headquartered in the city of Cordoba, Patios Artesanos develops a completely traditional activity, based mainly on creating miniatures of typical architectural elements, in this Autonomous Region, like the courtyards of Cordoba.

They make, completely to scale and handmade, different structures in full detail, models of different courtyards and other typical architectural spaces of traditional Cordoban style. Reproductions on a small scale, using the same technique used in the original and with precision tools.

In addition, they also offer typical merchandising and souvenirs, also based on the courtyards of Cordoba: decorative magnets, paintings, beads, etc.

The essence of scale model building is to offer a visual sensation of realism of the model or built model. Many people are unfamiliar with this work, or might even have never heard of it or wouldn't have imagined that one could make a living of scale model building as a profession. Currently, this profession is divided into two parts: study-design and assembly. Both feed off of one another and vice versa, like a well-lubricated and continuously moving gear assembly. The passion for the city and its architecture, characteristics and customs, has inspired the conversion of this hobby into a profession.

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 9pm.

Andalusian crafts
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Patios Artesanos
Calle Hermanos López Diéguez, 6, 14001
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