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Village in the eastern part of the Sierra de Gador, on flat mountain land; it is here we find the spring that gives the water for which the village is known. The most attractive things about the village are its tranquility, its picturesque architecture, its clean narrow streets, the white of its houses, the clean fresh air and the friendliness of its people.


Village situated in the eastern part of the Sierra de Gador. The wind that blows off the mountains is called "norigüelo". Madoz in the middle of the XIX century, refers to this wind in the following way: "suffering as the most common illness pains in the side and pneumonias, particularly when the winds blow from the Sierra de Gador".
We can say that its origins are from the Al-Andalus period. It was called San Afliy y. Two writers from the XI century say that this village belonged to Almotacin, King of Almeria. During the nazari period it belonged, along with Enix and Vicar, to the AREA of Remepipar. It had a hundred houses, a small fort and a mosque. The ruins of the fort still remain.
During the Moorish uprising, in the year 1568, its inhabitants put up a strong resistance to the troops of the Marquis of los Velez. Opposite the village is Killings Hill (el Cerro de las Matanzas). It is called this because there was a bloody fight between the Marquis of los Velez and the Moors here. The Moorish population, faced with the obligation of converting to Christianity, committed suicide by throwing themselves off this hill.
In the XIX century there were five lead smelting works. Currently the traditional cultivation of olive and almond trees and vines is for family consumption and the majority of the inhabitants make their living working in reafforestation and in the greenhouses in the west part of Almeria.
There is a strange tradition of pagan origin called the festival of the Signs. It is held on Easter Saturday and consists of painting the outside of the houses of those people who have done something of note during the previous year. Normally this is done by the young people.
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