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Village belonging to the Nacimiento River area and located in the natural corridor between Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Filabres, which communicates with the Marquesado del Zenete, in the province of Granada. Part of its municipality is included in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a natural paradise of the community, for its rich landscape, flora, fauna and anthropology.

In the sunny part of the mountains we find the village, which although it has grown and become more modern through the influence of the road that goes from Granada to Almería, still preserves the traces of its Moorish origin: its flat roofs, the remains of the castle, the Mudejar church built on the site of a mosque, its zigzag streets, the white Moorish houses and its evocative nooks and crannies.


It is believed that it already existed in Roman times and that it marked the eastern limit of Betica. It seems that its name comes from the silk handkerchiefs made on its looms which were called "Alfiñames'. They were famous in the XI century and were sold all over Spain, especially in the kingdom of Leon.

Its castle which dates from the X century, was used as a local defence until after the Moorish rebellion in 1568. A few glorious deeds of its inhabitants are known about, such as their resistance to the troops of Abderraman III in the year 913. In 1489 the Catholic Monarchs spent the night in this castle.

In the year 1820, it was the administrative centre of various villages of the Marquisate of Santa Cruz.

Eminent citizens

Juan Falconi, writer from the Golden Age.
Jose Morales Alarcon, painter.
Julio Visconti, painter.

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