Gourmet shops

Gourmet shops
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Gourmet shops have proliferated in Andalusia, offering the most representative food products from each region along with local designation of origin wines to accompany them.

Here you will find establishments offering the very best of our Region. Cured meats, ham, salt cod, conserves, sweets and wines from Andalusia’s designation of origin regions, as well as dishes prepared from the best Andalusian recipes.

The wide variety of local food products on offer come together at these gourmet shops, where, besides regional products you can always find some universal Andalusian gourmet specialities. You can usually try products in the shops themselves, as the majority have a small bar area for tasting.

Wines can be purchased directly at wineries/vineyards. You will often find excellent wines which are unknown on the market but offer surprising quality.

Andalusia’s traditional village grocery shops and butchers’ are the perfect place to buy all kinds of pork products, which are of excellent quality in this Region.

Not forgetting the convents producing sweets and pastries. Although they are not gourmet shops as such, they are the ideal place to sample excellent traditional sweets. Village bakeries also produce specialities, often associated with local fiestas.

A real joy for the palate, vital for “gastro-travellers” like yourself. Come and enjoy the array on offer.