Easter Week in Granada

Easter Week in Granada
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Granada, with its palms and olive trees, decks itself out on Palm Sunday, and awakes to the first beats of the drum which inaugurate the eight days of the Passion, Death and Resurrection.

The night of Easter Wednesday in Granada is spectacular, unique and emotional. Purple, red and gold dominate the two floats which form this procession, the Cristo del Consuelo y María Santísima del Sacromonte.

On the hills of Sacromonte, huge bonfires burn in the gypsy "caves", houses and dwellings, where dances touched by the duende accompany the procession of Cristo de los Gitanos (Christ of the Gypsies).

The night of Maundy Thursday is a magical night in the Albaycín. In what is almost the same space you can find the popular flavour of the neighbourhood's three Virgins: the Virgen de la Concha, the Estrella and the Aurora. Meanwhile, the procession of Cristo del Silencio captivates those watching with its drumbeats, in a respectful and chilling silence.

After midnight the narrow streets of the Albaycin become a shrine to the figures, lending them a scent and colour all of their own.

At dusk on Good Friday itself, in the Convent of the Jerónimos there is a strange and unique event. "Las Chías", who were members of the Inquisition, now appear dressed with feathers and embroidery, playing in a band with drums while they head the procession of the oldest of the confraternities, Soledad de San Jerónimo. The procession is spectacular: pointed hoods of an intense yellow, and a squadron of Roman troops beating the ground with their lances. The three Marys, the Virgin, Saint Joseph, Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea, who carried Jesus to His tomb, also make an appearance.

And in the province...

In the province of Granada, the Easter week celebrations in Almuñécar, Huéscar, Motril, Cuevas del Campo andLoja are especially relevant.

They are both designated as Fiestas of Tourist Interest, which gives you an idea of their value and beauty.

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Easter Week in Granada
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