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Mountain town located in the northern part of the province, in the valley of the Sotillo river. The township belongs to the Natural Park of the Sierra Norte, which comprises medium-sized mountains and vast pasture lands that alternate with oak forests, cork oaks, fall oaks, chestnuts, pine and elm trees, in addition to the forests along river banks. This vegetation is the ideal habitat for species like otters, wildcats, wild boars, deer, dams and moufflons. The conditions are also ideal for raising cattle. The Monte Amapega is located in the midst of this incomparable landscape.

Due to its strategic location it was fortified in the past and there are still remains of the Castle and the medieval ramparts. In addition to the harmony of the town, note should be taken of the Church of the Asunción, the Church of Santa Ana, the Church of the Convent of the Espí­ritu Santo, the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Guadaiatoca and the former Hospital del Milagro.


The first settlements date back to the Palaeolithic. Then came the Iberians, who called their settlements Tereses or Tejera. Some historians have assumed that it was in fact Canani.
During the Roman domination the Roman road from Hispalis to Emérita passed nearby. .
During the period of Al-Andalus the village was very fortified and was called Guad-Al-Kanal.
The Christian conquest was undertaken in 1241 by Rodrigo Iñí­guez, Knight of the Order of Santiago. The castle was built on the Arab fortress and would later be the base of the present-day parish. It was at this time that the municipality was created and the concession and privileges granted. It belonged to the priory and jurisdiction of the province of Leon until 1305, when new privileges were granted, vas a result of which it became independent and the Vicarage of Guadalcanal was founded.

Eminent citizens

Adelardo López de Ayala, man of letters.
J.A. Torre y Salvador, writer and journalist.
J. Pinelo Yanes, painter.
Rafael Garcí­a Plata y Osma, poet and specialist in folklore.
Andrés Mirón, poet.
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