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Guide Hiking

Guide Hiking
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© Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sport in Andalusia. Ministry of Tourism and Sport. Regional Government of Andalusia.




Pocket book.


97 x 210 mm closed, 194 x 210 mm open.

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The network of public pathways in Andalusia provides travellers with countless options for discovering the incredible scenery, the extraordinary biodiversity and the remains from history dating back thousands of years. In line with this diversity, the guide includes a selection of demanding, adapted, well-known pathways, between the snow and the beach, packed with history, for those who just love walking or who are looking to explore the fauna and enjoy incredible views.

It also details the Great Andalusian Routes (Sulayr, Silver Way, Gran Senda de Málaga, the Forests of the South, the Andalusian Trail, the Seasonal Livestock Migration Routes and the Sierra Profunda), as well as the possibilities for hikers in the wonderful Nature Reserves.

And as no visit to Andalusia is complete without getting to know the people, the culture and the gastronomy, there are suggestions for ending the route with different experiences.

The guidebook includes maps, themed pictographs and topographical profiles which display other aspects of interest such as the route, its difficulty and the length of each stage. The references in the guidebook include QR codes with related information that can be downloaded to your mobile phone (data, profiles, routes, maps, etc.).


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Guide Hiking