Pensión Monasterio de Las Escalonías

Pensión Monasterio de Las Escalonías
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Finding peace and a calmness of body and mind is becoming a more urgent desire for everyone. Located in Hornachuelos, Hospedería Las Escalonias offers an ideal climate for these purposes, as long as those who visit are capable of fully making the most of their time here. This is due to the fact that experience shows coming to a monastery in adverse situations of the mind or body can be counterproductive and unsatisfactory.

It is essential that guests seek a spiritual benefit when visiting Las Escalonías Monastery and more, given the times in which we live, with the many problems that affect mankind today.

The inn is not a hotel: it is part of the monastery where guests can experience a life that is parallel to the community and closely linked to it through, above all, liturgical prayer. Therefore, silence is obligatory.

* Singles: High-quality single rooms. Rates for singles.

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Pensión Monasterio de Las Escalonías
Finca Las Escalonias, s/n, 14740
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