Palacio Episcopal de Jaén

Palacio Episcopal de Jaén
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This comprises the block between Plaza de Santa María square and the streets Obispo González, Montero Montoya and Colegio. In 1980 all the buildings were demolished, except for their façades and noble areas, and the complex was turned into the Church House and various homes by the architect Luis Berges Roldán. The palace dated from the 15th century and underwent numerous extensions and additions. The main façade has a raised portal accessed by a flight of steps, comprising two Tuscan columns, a smooth entablature and a triangular fronton interrupted by a rectangular plaque once adorned by a shield.

The building is articulated on three floors. The ground floor displays grilles at the windows, the middle floor balconies and the top floor a gallery with semi-circular arches. On the corner of the square, the palace incorporates the Provisor's House and the Ecclesiastical Court. At the north-west angle of the palace, formed by the intersection of the streets Montero Moya and Colegio, stands a handsome square tower. This was once the home of Diego de Deza, who in addition to his post as Bishop of Jaén in 1498 succeeded Tomás de Torquemada as Inquisitor General.

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Palacio Episcopal de Jaén
Calle Obispo González, s/n, 23002
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