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La Argentinita

La Argentinita

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Encarnación López Julvez was born in Buenos Aires in 1897 and died in New York in 1945 She has nothing to do with la Argentina, although she was also a dancer She was Pilar López´s sister and the daughter of Spanish parents who had settled in Buenos Aires Encarnación returned to Spain at eight years of age and was entered into the world of flamenco thanks to her father, a great enthusiast She grew as a dancer until she became a star, something which stayed still due to her relationship with the bullfighter Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, who mixed with the writers of Generation 27 For this reason García Lorca proposed that she record her popular songs in 1931 She retired from dance for awhile for her love for Ignacio On the death of the bullfighter, she took refuge in her work and returned to Buenos Aires to dance in the Colón Theatre, and from here began her long American tour She returned to Spain in July 1936 and later went on tour to Paris, London, Holland, Belgium¼ and New York, where she arrived in 1938 to stay until in 1945, on the 24th of September she died

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La Argentinita

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