Palma del Condado, La

Palma del Condado, La
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Village belonging to the AREA of Condado, situated in the east of the province in a landscape of farming land dedicated to the growing of cereals, olives and fundamentally vines which produce the exquisite white wine of the Denomination of Origin of Condado.

Of Roman origin, it is white, beautiful and lordly. It is a very attractive group of buildings and is an example of the Baroque in Huelva. Among its monuments of interest, we must mention St John the Baptist's church, the Church of Nuestra Señora del Valle, the Carmelite Order church, the street Calle Mayor and the square Plaza de España.


During Roman times, the village of Palma Olea Notum was located very near the current position of the village.
From Al-Andalus times there remains the tower of the Valle church, which was an outpost watchtower for the kingdoms of Niebla and Seville and the remains of a nearby fortress.
The Christian conquest of the village was carried out by King Alfonso X and it was granted a series of privileges.
For some time it belonged to the County of Niebla.
During the war of Independence the deeds of the local heroine Marimarcos stand out and in 1811 there was a decisive battle against the French nearby.
In 1935 it achieved the category of "Villa".

Eminent citizens

Francisco Diaz Pinto.
Andres del Barco.
Jaime Espinosa.
Manuel Siurot Rodriguez, professor.
Jorge and Jose de la Cueva.
Antonio Pinto Soldan, sculptor.
Maria Marcos, fighter in the times of the French.
Palma del Condado, La
Palma del Condado, La
Palma del Condado, La
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