Peza, La

Peza, La
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Located on the north face of Sierra Nevada, La Peza, an old Roman campsite, was an important Muslim fortress, of which there are only remains.

Visitors can see a Mudéjar style church with a peculiarity, it has two towers, one of Mudéjar style from the 16th century, and the other from the 18th century.


The village traces back to Roman times when it was called Castrum Romano. It was located next to a Roman road and was a stopover to rest and obtain supplies for troops and travellers.
There are remains of a Moorish castle from the 9th and 10th centuries, which was well preserved until 1571.
It is worth mentioning two important characters in the history of this place: Firstly, the work carried out by mayor Atienza fighting against French troops during the War of Independence, and later, mayor Álvarez, who caught the fearsome bandits, Olivencia and Sierra.
Important characters
José Fernández Castro, writer.
Peza, La
Peza, La
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Peza, La
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