Puebla de los Infantes, La

Puebla de los Infantes, La
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Municipality located in the eastern part of the province, at the limit with the province of Córdoba. Due to its privileged geographic location is presents two sorts of landscapes.

To the north it belongs to the Natural Park of the Sierra Norte, which comprises medium-sized mountains and vast pasture lands that alternate with oak forests, cork oaks, fall oaks, chestnuts, pine and elm trees, in addition to the forests along river banks. This vegetation is the ideal habitat for species like otters, wildcats, wild boars, deer, dams and moufflons. The Reservoir of the Retortillo is located where the park joins the Natural Park of Sierra de Hornachuelos, and shared by both.

To the south, the landscape consists of flat, fertile fields that border the river. The entire area offers tourists numerous possibilities for enjoying the natural environment.

The village is a clean and tranquil one, in which the most important ones are the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Huertas, the Hermitage of Santa Ana, the Hermitage of Santiago and the Castle of Almenara.


The proximity of the Guadalquivir river favoured the presence of multiple civilisations, including the Tartessians, Carthaginians and Romans.
During the period of Al-Andalus it formed part of the district of Al-Firris, was inhabited by Berbers and called Cañebolo.
The Christian conquest was undertaken by the king Ferdinand III in 1247. The King named the village Puebla de los Infantes, and its population began to grow.
Despite the uprising of the Mudejars in 1264, none of them were expelled from the village, which was the only one of Andalusia in which they were allowed to stay..

Eminent citizens

José María Sedano Carrasco, violinist.
Puebla de los Infantes, La
Puebla de los Infantes, La
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Puebla de los Infantes, La
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