Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo
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The renowned Iberian-Roman town of Cástulo occupies a strategic location at the head of the Guadalquivir Valley.

It had a special role during the Second Punic War, the conflict for control of the western Mediterranean between Carthage and the Roman Republic in 3rd century BC. Cástulo was an important communications hub with privileged access to mining resources of the Sierra Morena, and it became the most important town in Iberian Oretania, a Roman district with the capacity for minting coins and the Episcopal See during the Lower Empire period. In addition to the walled town of Cástulo, the archaeological area also features a necropolis, workshops, public infrastructures and other suburban facilities relating to the Iberian-Roman city, as well as other settlements from prehistory to the late Middle Ages, which make up the great hereditary value of this unique venue for explaining the history of Andalusia.

The archaeological area of Cástulo - occupying a vast area located between the towns of Linares, Lupión and Torreblascopedro - and the Linares Archaeological Museum. Museum devoted exclusively to Cástulo, located in the city of Linares, 7 km from Cástulo.

The Museum is especially concerned with the ancient Iberian-Roman city of Cástulo, but it also contains archaeological material from areas far away from Cástulo which are included in the exhibition either because they relate to a historic aspect of this city, or because they help to highlight the various manifestations of the same culture in other geographical areas.

Timetable: Cástulo Archaeological Site 16 September to 1 April Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 6.30pm Sunday and public holidays, 10am to 5pm. Monday: closed 1 April to 31 May Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 8pm. Sunday and public holidays: 10am to 5pm. Monday: closed 1 June to 15 September Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 3.30pm. Sunday and public holidays: 10am to 5pm. Monday: closed Linares Archaeological Museum. Cástulo Monographic Museum 16 September to 31 May Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 8.30pm. Sundays and public holidays when open: 10am to 5pm Monday: closed 1 June to 15 September Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 3.30pm Sunday and public holidays 10am to 5pm. Monday: closed Closed on the following public holidays 1 January, 1 May, 25 December

Admission Price: Free for Spanish and European Union citizens with ID. Citizens of other countries: €1.50. Group visits: these must be arranged in advance by e-mail or by telephone.

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo
Carretera Linares-Torresblascopedro (JV-3003), Km. 3,3, 23700
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