Easter Week in Málaga

Easter Week in Málaga
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Declared a Festivity of International Tourist Interest, Easter week in Málaga is a truly religious, social and cultural event in the city.

As is tradition, the brotherhoods will once again bring the spectacle to the street to delight the five senses: huge floats to carry the images that are rocked throughout the parade, thousands of Nazarenes and penitents who provide light and colour with their candles; processional marches, aromas from incense and flowers and, of course, the entire city in the streets, ready to vibrate and applaud the sacred images.

The highlights of Easter Week in Málaga are the following:

It is spectacular to see the number of "promises" that accompany "Jesús Cautivo" in the Easter Monday procession as a sign of faith in the Trinidad neighbourhood.

On the night of Easter Monday there is another image of Christ that is followed by the spirit of a race of people. The Brotherhood of Jesús de la Columna and María Santísima de la O, the brotherhood of "Los Gitanos".

The tradition of Nuestro Padre Jesús el Rico granting freedom on Ash Wednesday to a prisoner not convicted of violent crime goes back to a privilege granted by Charles III at a time when there was a cholera outbreak in Málaga and people could not come out into the street. The prisoners escaped from jail and after carrying the figure of Christ through the streets, they returned, without taking the opportunity of escaping.

The procession features accompaniment by the Legion carrying the Cristo de la Buena Muerte.

We should not forget the Cofradía de la Expiración for its sobriety. Or the Virgen de la Esperanza with the accompaniment of enthusiastic crowds of residents of Málaga, while the Santo Sepulcro is paraded in a serious and exemplary manner.

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Easter Week in Málaga
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Easter Week in Málaga
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