Gravura Engraving Workshop

Gravura Engraving Workshop
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Gravura Engraving Workshop opened in 1979 in the old quarter of Malaga. From day one, painter and engraver Paco Aguilar has managed the workshop to promote graphic art through a range of activities: weekly classes and engraving courses for beginners, publishing the work of various artists and organising exhibitions.

The teaching of graphic techniques in 1980, with the First Engraving Course given by master engraver José Faría. Paco Aguilar continues this idea and runs courses at the workshop and other institutions: universities, secondary schools, private institutions and cultural centres, while maintaining an open workshop for anyone who is interested in the art of engraving Today, engraving courses are still held at the workshop by renowned master engravers and by Paco Aguilar himself. They are designed to delve into specific techniques of etching: gravure, xilography (woodcut), non-toxic etching and direct and indirect techniques.

Gravura Engraving Workshop has a distinctly open nature, which has given many artists and interested people the chance to have a space for learning and experimenting with the language of metal.

Exhibitions have been held at Gravura Engraving Workshop since 1990, under the management of Mariano Martín and Inmaculada Carrasco. The monthly exhibitions focus on printed art works, on paper, sculpture and digital techniques.

The workshop takes part in international fairs, collaborates with organisations and institutions, both public and private, and is open to all projects related to the world of Chalcographic Engraving.

The workshop's art collection includes artists such as Paco Aguilar himself, José Faria, Enrique Brinkmann, Chema Lumbreras, Óscar Pérez, Michele Lehmann, Lorenzo Saval, Ángel l. Calvo Capa, Pablo Alonso Herráinz, Francisco Peinado, Christian Bozon, Vargas Machuca, Javier Roz, Natalia Resnik, Diazdel, Rafael Alvarado, Sebastián Navas, José Ganfornina and Ana Bellido.

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Gravura Engraving Workshop
Pasaje Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de San Juan, 1º frente a la Iglesia de San Juan, 3, 29005
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