Minarete o Alminar de San Sebastián

Minarete o Alminar de San Sebastián
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The Minaret of Saint Sebastian was formerly a small tower belonging to one of the mosques of Ronda and later was used as bell tower of the also disappeared Church of Saint Sebastian. It was declared as Historical Monument in 1.931.

Consisting of a square ground, it has got three stages of elevation. The two first were built at the 14th century, and the third belongs to the christian age.

The minaret is a typical element of the arab architecture. It is a tower from where the almuédano or muecín (an arab priest) calls the faithful to prayer. Its use was widespread among Islam, being a symbol of the presence of these religion at the conquered territories.

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Minarete o Alminar de San Sebastián
Plaza del Poeta Abul Beca, 29400
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