Los Órganos

Los Órganos
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This Natural Monument is one of the most outstanding locations in the Despeñaperros Canyon - a series of huge columns of rock that look like the organ pipes from a great cathedral. It is even more beautiful on account of the contrast between the grey of the rock and the intense yellow of the lichen species that live on it.

There is a viewpoint nearby where you can look at the monument, which has a surprising origin. 500 million years ago, this entire area was covered by the sea, although it was not very deep. It gradually filled with sand and clay brought down from the Iberian plateau by the rivers flowing into the sea here. Then, 300 million years ago, the earth's forces made this terrain emerge and since then erosion by the river, rain and wind have sculpted the landscape, creating beautiful shapes such as these organ pipes.

The Despeñaperros Canyon has witnessed the presence of many civilisations. Prehistoric man left behind a valuable legacy on this monument, in the form of paintings. Remains from other civilisations, such as the Iberian culture, can be seen on Los Jardines Ridge.

On top of the rocks, holm oaks, cork trees and scrub has found soil in which to grow, forming a Mediterranean forest. Genets, beech martens and many birds of prey.

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Los Órganos

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