Discover Itálica

Discover Itálica
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Discover Itálica is a guided tour around this magnificent archaeological site located in Santiponce.

Seville, to which in 45 BC Julius Caesar gave the name of “Colonia Julia Romula Hispalis”, was an important city in the Roman Empire, but this was not the first Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsular. This honour goes to Italica.

Located nearby, in the town of Santiponce, you will find the archaeological site of Italica, the place of origin of two emperors from ancient Rome, Trojan and Hadrian.

The origin of this Roman city dates back to 206 BC and was used as a military camp after fighting the Carthaginians in the Punic Wars. It soon became an important strategic settlement because of its geographical location. What remains today is what García Bellido denominated “Nova Urbs” to differentiate it from “Vetus Urbs” that lies under the town of Santiponce.

The remains found tell us of an important city and Roman Senators who were no less important.

How did the Romans live in those days? What did they do in their free time, how did they enjoy themselves, what did they debate about? Learn all about Italica with GuiArte, that organises an educational route in the form of a guided tour, during which all these and many other details will be explained regarding the archaeological site of Italica by viewing the spectacular remains that can still be seen today: paved streets, the water network, beautiful mosaics and the spectacular amphitheatre, one of the largest in all the Roman Empire.

This activity also available for private groups, check prices.
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Discover Itálica
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03/02/2021 - 31/03/2024

This activity also available for private groups, check prices.

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Discover Itálica
Avenida de Extremadura, 2, 41970
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