Teatro Central

Teatro Central
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The Teatro Central is located next to the riverbank in Seville. The theatre stands in what was the site for the 1992 Universal Exposition, and it consists of a box within a box.

The box with miracles, the room, the black box, 20.50 metres high, turned and inscribed inside another box. A clean volume, covered in natural stone, bare, without ornamentation, standing out from the vegetation at the water's edge.

The stage of the Teatro Central is mobile and based on an 18 x 18 square that extends a further eight metres towards the back and another eight metres on one of the sides. These dimensions make it ideal for all kinds of theatrical possibilities. It is 22 metres high throughout the room so a stage of a suitable size can always be used and placed wherever it is required. The location of the audience can vary as well as the number of people for the different performances. Seating can follow the Italian, Renaissance, arena or concert model.

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Teatro Central
Calle José de Galvez, Isla de la Cartuja, 6, 41092
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