Royal Alcazar of Sevilla

Royal Alcazar of Sevilla
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Located in the heart of Seville, the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla is one of the oldest palaces still in use in the world. The palace has evolved through different stages over time, from the late 11th century to the present day. From its walls we can appreciate the influence of the cultures that have passed through the city.

This palace-fortress was commissioned by Abd Al Raman III, it is intricately formed of exquisite rooms decorated with plasterwork, tiling and coffered ceilings, which combine perfectly with the magnificent gardens and use of water to create an unforgettable impression.

Highlights of the palace include the Patio de las Doncellas courtyard, with its beautiful tiled plinths, and the Patio de las Muñecas courtyard, with its fascinating collection of capitals.

The artistic heritage of Seville's Alcazar was enriched by magnificent contributions in the renaissance periods, such as the spectacular tiled altar made in 1504 by Francisco Niculoso Pisano and the painted altarpiece in the Almirante room, dedicated to the Virgin of Sailors. This Renaissance splendour also shines through in the rooms of Carlos V, while the interior rooms display magnificent collections of tapestries show Carlos V conquering Tunisia.

In the 19th century, the Borbon monarchs also left their mark on the Alcazar, adding spaces in the top floor of the building, where old rooms were refurbished and decorated with tapestries, crystal lamps from La Granja, clocks, furniture and an outstanding collection of paintings.

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General admission: €14.50 Students between 14 and 30 years old and retirees, both from the E.U.: €7 The ticket includes visits to the Antiquarium, the Ceramics Museum, and the Mariano Bellver Donation. Free: disabled (33%), =< 13 years old, born or resident in Seville capital, unemployed in the province of Seville and Monday (6:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. with online reservation) Optional visits: High Royal Quarter: €5.5 Every day from 10 am - 3:30 pm

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Royal Alcazar of Sevilla
Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004
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