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Sorvilán, located in the Low part of the Alpujarra in Granada, on the southeast face of the Sierra de la Contraviesa, very close to the Mediterranean coast, enjoys a mild subtropical climate propitious for growing figs and vineyards, which produces the famous local wine.

The south end of the municipality opens up to the coast, sharing the enchantments of the Mediterranean, i.e. a tranquil sea, a bright blue and clear sky and a gentle breeze, which duly gives its name as Costa Tropical, where Melicena and Los Yesos lie.


Sorvilán has traditionally been a village protected from the constant pirate incursions, which in past centuries isolated the Mediterranean coastline of the Alpujarra. As most nearby villages it based its economy in farming the land.
In the Nasrid period it must have been part of the Taha del Gran Cehel, which had Almegí­jar as head of this region. After the fall of the Muslim kingdom of Granada, the Catholic Monarchs granted King Boabdil a large part of the Alpujarra region, including these lands as stated in the capitulation records. This village returned to the Castilian Crown after Boabdil left to exile in the north of Africa.
Documents from the 19th century referring to Sorvilán and the nearby municipalities, describe it as a prosperous place due to the production of raisins, wines and liquors.


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