CoVid 19 - Important information

In order to counter and contain the possible spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Spain, a number of restrictions have been put in place that are applicable throughout the country.

This restrictions came into force on 15 March and will remain applicable until further notice.

  •  All movement of people into and out of any area must be avoided, except for justifiable reasons of work, emergencies or health reasons. 
  • Travel may only be for reasons of work, emergencies or health reasons that can be justified. 
  • All events and sports competitions in public and private venues are cancelled. 
  • All civil and religious ceremonies are cancelled. 
  • All activities are also cancelled in gyms, sports centres, swimming pools, wellness centres, health resorts, cultural centres, social centres and leisure centres. 
  • All museums, institutes and cultural centres are closed, this includes museums, archives, archaeological sites, archaeological parks and monuments. 
  • All gatherings and events in public places are cancelled, this includes cinemas, theatres, bars, pubs, discotheques and similar venues. 
  • All ski-lifts in ski resorts are closed. 


All retail shopping businesses are closed. Except for the following which will remain open: shops selling food and essential items and which are detailed below:

  • Hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocer's shops, markets and any other retail food and beverage outlets. 
  • Pharmacies, parapharmacies and shops selling medical and orthopaedic articles 
  • Fuel distributors for: petrol, diesel fuel, LP gas, etc 
  • Retail outlets for computer and telecommunications equipment, consumer audio and video equipment, domestic appliances 
  • Newsagents/Tobacco shops 
  • Retail outlets for health-sanitation articles 

Other activities allowed: 

  • Sale of any product with home delivery: via internet, television, mail, radio or telephone
  •  Sale via vending machines
  • Laundries and dry-cleaners 
  • Banking, financial and insurance services 
  • Activities in sectors involving agriculture, husbandry for food production including supply chains for goods and services 

All retails outlets that remain open and whose activities are permitted are reminded that they should guarantee respect for a safety distance of one metre between people.

So those responsible for these activities should undertake to manage restricted access or at least to suitably avoid gatherings of people, always guaranteeing the safety distance. 

All unessential retail activity will be closed. This includes:

  • Bars, pubs, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, pastry shops, etc.
  • All hairdressers, barber shops and beauty centres