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The Gran Teatro de Huelva offers an inclusive cultural experience with the play 'El Traje'.

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Huelva, a jewel of southern Spain, is getting ready to welcome tourists and vistors from all over the country to a unique cultural experience. The Gran Teatro de Huelva is set to be come a pioneer when it presents the play 'El Traje' ('The Suit') with universal accessibility.

This exciting event reflects Huelva commitment to inclusivity. After successfully adapting events like the Columbus Festival and the La Cinta for people with reduced mobility, the city has turned its attention to offering an inclusive theatre experience. The adapted version of 'El Traje' at the Gran Teatro de Huelva aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy this cultural experience, including people with visual and hearing impairments, thanks to the use of audio description and hearing aid systems.

José Manuel Moreno, the councillor for social services, families and accessibility, commented on the city's commitment to accessibility in all areas of life. "The presentation of 'El Traje' at the Gran Teatro is an important milestone and a source of immense pride for our city. This unique cultural experience is accessible to all audiences, including people with visual and hearing impairments", said Moreno.

The event represents a special opportunity for tourists interested in the culture of Huelva and nearby areas. 'El Traje', a black comedy written and directed by Juan Cavestany, offers a theatre experience that mixes tension with raw emotion and humour.

Adapted subtitles will be projected onto a screen during the play to enable the hearing impaired to identify the characters, different tones of voice and music. Meanwhile, audio description devices (with a voice-over describing the visual aspects of the play) will be available on request from an Accessible Theatre stand in the theatre foyer. Individual magnetic loops and sound amplifying headphones will be available for hearing-impaired people.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this cultural milestone that puts Huelva at the forefront of cultural accessibility in Spain and offers tourists the chance to enjoy the art of theatre through 'El Traje' while exploring the wonders of this beautiful Andalusian city.