Farmhouse of Santo Luisico

Farmhouse of Santo Luisico
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Located in the Cerrillo del Olivo or de la Cima, in the village of Cerezo Gordo and attached to Valdepeñas de Jaen, the Farmhouse of Santo Luisico is located in the heart of magical Sierra Sur de Jaen, a nature spot where the supernatural becomes part of our everyday lives.

The so-called Saint Luisico was one of the precursors of the region's saga of saints or healers. Luis Aceituno was born in 1837 and lived in the village of Cerezo Gordo, where he worked as a shepherd. At a very early age, his neighbours said he had the power to heal and he became very famous. Legend has it that when wild animals were ill, they lay down in his stable, because his smell, his breath, was enough to heal them. He died in 1912 and was succeeded by Saint Custodio, a resident of the nearby village of Hoya del Salobral.

There are three trees outside his house, which look like one, and he used to rest and seek shelter under them. He used to sit in the shade of these trees. He called them the "three Marys", as he said they represented God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It truly is a peaceful place. The farmhouse still preserves the enormous stone threshing floor which was used for threshing and winnowing.

He was buried in the old cemetery of the Shrine of San Sebastián, in Valdepeñas de Jaén.

Many saints are traditionally venerated in Sierra Sur de Jaén, and here you can find the Route of Miracles and Saints. It has a significant number of saints, as is the case with this saint, as well as Saint Luisico Aceituno and Saint Manuel. Serene, serious and simple people who were also accessible and who still enjoy respect and devotion today.
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Farmhouse of Santo Luisico
Aldea Cerezo Gordo, 23159
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