Vegas del Genil

Vegas del Genil
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Vegas del Genil comprises in its municipal AREA of: Purchil, Ambroz and Belicena. These localities enjoy not only being situated in the fertile lands of the Vega de Granada but the proximity to the city of the Alhambra, just 5 km away.


These lands have been inhabited since ancient times as proven by the archaeological remains found form the Neolithic and Bronze period. There are also remains of Phoenician and Roman colonists.
The Visigoths and Moors substituted the crops grown in these lands, but it was the latter ones who turned the valley into a fertile and profitable garden for four centuries.
Vegas del Genil
Vegas del Genil
The weather today in Vegas del Genil
  • Max 19
  • Min 15
  • Max 66
  • Min 59
  • °C
  • °F
Vegas del Genil
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Purchileños, Ambroleños, Belicineros
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