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Vicente Escudero


Full name

Vicente Escudero Urive

Date of birth

27 Oct 1888

Place of birth



Vicente Escudero was born in Valladolid in 1888 and died in Barcelona in 1980. Whilst very young he met La Argentina, who trained him as an artist. Soon he began to develop his own flamenco taping steps mixed with the sounds of machines He carried on until at the age of seventeen, a period in which many guitarists criticised him for not adjusting well to the beat, he began to work in villages, he had it clear what he wanted It was in this manner that he arrived at Café Las Columnas, in Bilbao, where he met Antonio de Bilbao.

After travelling through Spain, he decided to launch himself outside Spain, going from Lisbon to Paris In 1924 he triumphed in the French capital and later performed El amor brujo with La Argentina. He became interested in surrealism, as he had always been attracted by the vanguard and around 1930 he became a consolidated revolutionary artist. This led him to do his first drawings, so that he painted first and then danced He mixed with Picasso, Juan Gris and other painters and later with the surrealists Louis AragonAndré BretonEluard, Buñuel, the photographer Man Ray and the painter Juan Miró.

In 1932 he went to the United States and in the forties the north Americans already considered him the best dancer in the world. He published the Decálogo del baile flamenco, which gave him definitive fame in Spain. However Escudero was never completely understood in his homeland, despite him today being praised in all the flamenco and dance forums, as an authentic genius which time will eventually prove.

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