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Located in the Sierra Morena, in the north of the province, its small municipal AREA consists of mountainous terrain with Mediterranean vegetation and a few olive crops.

The village itself, small and welcoming, with its simple, uncluttered urban layout, has become the ideal resting place for families from the provincial capital.


Though there are references during the lower Middle Ages to the inns of Villaharta, its name appears to be an allusion to the village"s elevated position (harta being a corruption of alta, meaning high).
Located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, Villaharta has since ancient times always been associated with mining.
The village was first documented in 1478, when Alfonso de Hoces rented an estate consisting of two wine presses, a millstone and a few vines to Benito Rodriguez and his wife, Juana Diaz, residents of the AREA.
The Catholic Monarchs granted Fernando Paez de Castillejo permission to establish an entailed estate for his son, Francisco Paez, consisting of part of his properties, including the land on La Alhondiguilla estate, and this later became the municipal AREA of Villaharta.

Eminent citizens

Diego Paez de Castillejo y Valenzuela, Lord of Villaharta.


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