Villanueva de la Reina

Villanueva de la Reina
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The village is situated to the north of the province near the Guadalquivir River, which crosses the municipal district leaving behind orchards and olive trees. To the north of the district we can find landscapes typical of the Sierra Morena mountains.

Part of the municipal district lies within the Sierras de Andujar Natural Park, medium sized mountains which house a truly Mediterranean ecosystem made up of different varieties of oaks, pine trees and bushes. Its rich wildlife adds a high cynegetic value.


Within its municipal district, we can find Potenciana a village of probable Roman origin that was on the limit between the Baetica and Penibaetica regions.
The origin of Villanueva de la Reina is more modern. It was first called Villanueva de Anduxar; with the independence in 1812 was called Villanueva del Rí­o and finally received its present name in thanks for the help received from Queen Isabel II.
Villanueva de la Reina
Villanueva de la Reina
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Villanueva de la Reina
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