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White Night in Malaga 2023: Live 'the good life' on a night full of culture and art

la noche en blanco en malaga 2023

Malaga is getting ready to host one of the most anticipated nights of the year: the 14th edition ofthe White Night


This cultural event, which is held in cities around the world, will return to Malaga on on 20 May 2023 and it promises to be an event not to be missed on the city's cultural calendar.

'The Good Life' of the White Night will offer locals and visitors 143 free activities across 68 venues around the city. The event will take place from 7pm to 1am and will feature artistic and cultural proposals in different disciplines.

One of the activities includes the renowned group 'Los Vivancos', which have created an exclusive proposal dedicated to 'The Good Life', which can be enjoyed in Plaza de la Marina square. Artists, creatives and production companies, many of them local, are expected to be taking part, to enrich the cultural experience.

The White Night of Malaga has managed to become one of the most important cultural events in the city. This new edition, which is retuning to its usual date in May, aims to be a meeting point where art and culture come together for the enjoyment of citizens and tourists visiting Malaga.

The White Night 2023 promises to be a night full of surprises, excitement and the opportunity to live the 'Good Life' in the city.